Adding intelligence to your Application

Our services make it easy to feature image and text analysis to your applications. We provide Face Recognition, Object Detection, Face Grouping and Text Sentiment Analysis. We offer clients the flexibility to add intelligence to their applications as opposed to creating and preparing their very own models.

Face Recognition

Easily identify a person in images using your private repository of face images.


Face Grouping

Organise many unidentified faces together into groups, based on their visual similarity.


Object Detection

Detecting instances of objects of a certain class (such as humans, buildings, or cars) in digital images.


Text Sentiment Analysis

Analyse whether a piece of writing is positive, negative and visualize it in the form of Word Cloud



Delivering Value

AI is the recreation of human insight forms by machines. It incorporates learning, thinking, and self-correction. Using AI, a machine can analyze images, text, numbers and make predictions using data.


Easily recoverable from any unwanted error


Easily scalable as per demand

Real-Time Analysis

Analyse bulk data in almost no time

Cost Effective

Pay as you use for lowering the cost


Highly secured store and transfer of data

Simple Integration

Hassle free integration of any service.

Case Studies

WORK SPEAKS louder than words

We believe in phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” and to make you believe in same, take a brief overview at our portfolio. We have experience working with versatile industries and we blend ourselves to represent your brand story and soul. Know more about our work.

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