AI-Enabled Advanced Smart feature to search for people using Face grouping


Our client is a leading designer, distributor of consumer products and photographic equipment. The firm is headquartered in the USA. They faced the challenge in developing a smart search feature in a Mobile Application and sought our expertise. Our team of experts collaborated with the client and came up with an AI-enabled solution to make search feature more advance. The Application is now used by more than 1000 users across the globe.

Technologies and tools

- Python
- Flask
- Machine Learning
- Face Detection & Clustering
- iOS
- Android

Our Roles

- Mobile Application Development
- Back-end Development
- Project Management

Team Size

15 members


iPhone and Android Smartphone users

The Challenge: To enable smart search feature inside camera roll

The client engages in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of consumer products and photographic equipment. They offer one of the industry's most extensive and diverse inventories of products, ranging from innovative electronics to intelligent housewares to fun gadgets.

The client’s Product is a pocket printer to print photos using a Mobile Application. The user explores image gallery, make enhancements and send photos for printing. With a huge amount of image in the gallery, it is quite a time consuming for the user to browse the whole gallery for selecting a photo of the desired person and select it for printing. This was the problem statement for the development team. The Client demanded a smart search feature to assist end-user.

They required a solution that could address the following challenges :

  • Giving end user a choice to use on-device face recognition inside the image gallery
  • Enhancing accuracy in grouping face for the person with visual similarity
  • Use minimum computation power of a devicee
  • Reduce time taken to browse the image gallery

The Solution: Use of Face Grouping Service to Enable Smart Search

Our team of experts collaborated with Client, assembled on the requirement and came up with a solution to meet Client requirement. After having multiple rounds of brainstorming, the development team suggested that the use of Artificial Intelligence features like Face Detection and Face Grouping can solve the challenge of smart search. Face tiles of people will be shown to end user in gallery and user will have to click on face tile of the desired person to get images related to that person only. This saved an enormous amount of efforts of end-user and enriched usability of Mobile application to a great extent

Other key elements we developed for the solution are as follows:

  • The appearance of top twenty face tiles to quickly search people of choice
  • Accurate grouping of people having visual similarity
  • Optimum use of computation power of a device
  • Running service in the background for the smooth functioning of an application

The Results: An AI-enabled smart search feature

After an enormous amount of development and testing, a team of Machine Learning and Mobile application developers were able to meet expectations of the Client. The result was an AI-enabled smart search feature for the end-user. Now, the whole look and feel of Mobile Application are improved which in turn is increasing the usability. This type of smart search feature is provided only by IT giants like Apple, Google. But now, MAXIMESS has proved its technical competence in the field of AI to meet the need of Client.

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